Ariel Seth

De Armas



Noble Rot



Description: First bursting on to the scene in 2003, Noble Rot is named after a specific variant of grey fungus (Botrytis Cinerea) infected grape that’s used to create particularly strong and sweet wines. Established initially as a wine bar which served seasonal small plates, the restaurant has since evolved into a fine-ish dining establishment that offers a locally sourced & seasonally strict full course menu, a comprehensive list of cocktails, and a global wine selection.

        For this rebrand a visual identity system was developed which is more refined and ornate while still maintaining a connection to Noble Rot’s roots and ethos. To accomplish this the visual language of the brand has been pared down and massaged so that the information is easily digestible and feels more authentic to the brand as it currently exists.

        ︎Brand Identity, Print, Art Direction